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Qoddi builds your NodeJS app automatically from Git and manages everything your app needs to thrive! Deploy and scale your apps in seconds on Qoddi's tier 1 infrastructure and network.

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Limitless power for your NodeJS app


Push your code from any GIT compatible software. Qoddi automatically builds a dedicated environment to run your app securely.


Manage your portfolio of apps in a single view using a straightforward Dashboard. Instantly see what version of your app is deployed and roll back to a stable version without recompiling. Manage your app’s environment-specific configurations with external config vars.


Qoddi’s horizontally and vertically scalable architecture makes sure your app stays alive and performs no matter what happens. Auto scaling automatically adds ressources to your app to handle spikes of traffic.


Qoddi auto-heal makes sure your app stays online if something goes wrong and alerts you if you need to take action. Monitor CPU and RAM usage to know when it's time to scale.

Deploy a NodeJS app

  • Create your app on Git

  • Specify start command in Procfile

  • Provision a NodeJS app on Qoddi

  • Add deploy key to GitHub

  • Click Deploy and Build

  • Your app is live!

Why NodeJS on Qoddi?

Instant deployment with Buildpacks

Qoddi builds your app on a dedicated builder without stopping it and deploys instantly when ready.

Marketplace with ready to use add-ons

Qoddi marketplace includes all the tools you need to increase the possibilities of your NodeJs App. From databases (including MongoDB, Postgres and MySQL) to Minio S3 block storage, you can launch additional add-ons as standalone apps reachable from all your apps.

Large set of engines, intelligent defaults

Qoddi's NodeJS adheres to semver, the semantic versioning convention popularized by GitHub. You can run NodeJS engines from the 10.x to 16.x versions. The NPM version can also be specified or Qoddi's will use the official NPM version according to the NodeJS version you selected. Yarn can be used instead of NPM.

Built-in security and log persistence

Qoddi’s Metrics dashboard helps you identify many kinds of performance problems, while live logs are available at any time. Qoddi's exclusive virtual disk technology allows you to add a virtual storage disk to your app for log storage and export or analysis.

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